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Gut Type Questionnaire

Answering the questions is your initial step towards enrolling in my Gut Reset Program. Through a series of tailored questions, we’ll determine the most suitable program for your unique needs.

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Past participants of the Gut Reset Program have achieved remarkable improvements in gut health, energy levels and overall well-being.

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Who should do the Gut Reset Program?

Who should NOT do the Gut Reset Program?

The Gut Reset Program is generally safe and suitable for most people. However, there may be some individuals who should not participate in the program without consulting with their healthcare provider first. These may include individuals with severe medical conditions or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any concerns or questions about whether the Gut Reset Program is right for you, please consult with your healthcare provider before signing up. There is a Doctor’s Information Sheet that you can download to give to your Doctor for them to decide whether or not the Gut Reset Program is safe for you to undertake.

Do I have to complete the full 25 days?

While the full 25-day Gut Reset Program is designed to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance to reset your gut health, it is not mandatory to complete the full program. You can choose to participate in the program for as long as you feel necessary to achieve your gut health goals.

However, keep in mind that the program is designed to provide you with a step-by-step approach to improve your gut health, and completing the full 30 days may provide you with the most significant benefits. Regardless of how long you participate, it is essential to remain consistent and committed to implementing the gut-healthy habits and practices learned during the program

What preparation will be required before I start the Program?

The first 5 days of the program are PREPARATION DAYS. On these days you will be given all the information needed to be ready to start the full program which starts automatically on DAY 6.

The instructions are all very clearly laid out and you be given instructions on which foods are allowed and which are not, optional supplements and best times to take them, as well as various other aspects to the program.

There are daily email prompts and reminders to ensure you are well guided throughout the full journey.

Is there a consultation involved?

No. The program does not entail a consultation with any healthcare provider, nor Dr Murray. It is an online, ‘self help’ program that requires no medical intervention or consultation. Should you prefer to do it under the guidance of an Integrative / Functional medical doctor, then feel free to contact Fiona on for details of practitioners with availability for new patients. Dr Murray’s practice is currently full.

Is it a plant based and/or vegan diet?

No. The program includes an elimination diet, which is essentially a ‘low inflammatory’ diet, or one that excludes foods that are known to promote inflammation in most people’s guts.

Although it is not a plant based diet, one can still do the program should you be vegan/vegetarian.

Does the program include supplements and/or medication?

There is the option of adding various health foods or supplements but these are not mandatory and if one chooses to include them its done at one’s own risk. They are generally well known and well tolerated health supplements that are hugely beneficial to include.

Can my friend / relative do the same program with me?

Since each program is tailored to individual gut types and current digestive issues,  it’s best if each person does their own program.

There are various different programs based on the answers to the Quiz (The Quiz is a screening questionnaire that elicits which particular program is best suited to you and your current digestive needs.)

Do I automatically become a patient of Dr Murray's by doing the Gut Reset Program?

No. This program was designed and developed by Dr Murray but does NOT include nor require a consultation with her. By purchasing the program you do not become a patient of Dr Murray.

Will I lose weight on the program?

It depends on your current weight, diet and gut health but in general most people do tend to lose weight.

Past Participants

Hi Leah, I have been meaning to send you some feedback after doing your Gut Reset Program. It has honestly been the best thing I have done in years. It feels as if everything has been reset in a positive way. I feel lighter physically, healthy internally and generally more supple. My energy levels are way up, my moods feel balanced, focus has improved and I wake up feeling rested after a good sleep. I started off with the 3 day broth fast, which felt so good I extended it to 7 days. I have kept my diet simple and not reintroduced any dairy or wheat again as I am just loving the clean feeling of herbal teas, water, vegetables, and meaty broth. Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge, inspiration and your amazing Gut Reset Program


Hey Doc. Lost 8kg's, brain fog gone, back on the bicycle and feeling great! Thanks for the gut program, its awesome


Hi Leah. Your gut reset program is incredible!! I love the layout and illustrations.


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