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Integrative Medicine is my focus

Areas of special interest include

Online Gut Reset Program

I have been using the Gut Reset Program in my medical practice for years

Adrenal stress / Chronic fatigue

Prolonged exhaustion and imbalances caused by chronic stress

Depression / Anxiety

Mental health conditions causing persistent sadness, worry, and emotional distress

Autoimmune disease / Thyroiditis

Body's immune system attacks itself, affecting thyroid function and health


Comprehensive fertility support integrating holistic approaches for optimal reproductive health

Gut Dysbiosis ('Leaky Gut') / SIBO / Candida

Balancing gut health through personalized treatments for optimal digestion and wellness

Digestive issues

Comprehensive care for digestive wellness, addressing root causes and symptoms

Chronic Pain

Personalized care for chronic pain management using integrative therapies

Hormonal health - Adrenals / Thyroid / Sex hormones

Holistic balance for hormonal health, optimizing adrenals, thyroid, and sex hormones

Comra laser (infra-red laser)

Laser treatments for targeted healing and rejuvenation, enhancing overall well-being

Biopuncture - various

Natural injections for pain relief and healing, promoting whole-body wellness